Monday, April 03, 2006

Todd Singer Working To Hasten the Inevitable Success of the Libertarian Party of Indiana

Todd's going to find this embarrassing - he may never email me again - but I want to express my appreciation for his hard work. Here's selected parts of an email describing what he did just today:

"I made 3 calls tonight, and incredibly, reached all three people.

1) (Person One) from Hendricks County is most interested in getting his LP News every month. He's a retired firefighter who seemed somewhat interested in attending the HC convention. . .

. . . 2) An old contact inquiry from Brad indicated that he was interested in helping to organize Fountain County. I talked with (Person Two) tonight, but he told me he is moving to Danville, IL in the near future. Mark, do you know of a good contact in the Illinois LP that would welcome (him) to our neighboring state? (I reminded myself that the best way to grow nationally is to export Indiana activists.)

3) The last, and best, call I had was with a gentleman in Morgan County: (Person Three). He contacted the party in 12/2004 and mentioned serving his community as a Libertarian candidate. He lives in Martinsville and works in Plainfield at Fed Ex (airport). I talked to him about affiliating Morgan County; he made sure to mention that he didn't have any experience in doing something like that. I told him not to worry, he'd have help . . .

. . . I asked him if he knew of another libertarian in Morgan. He said he thought he knew several, and that he was "very excited." . . .

. . .Thanks for the help, everybody."

Todd - thank you for your help - as well as thank you to the scores of other Libertarian activists in the state doing great work like you!

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Mike Kole said...

Todd is really doing great things. It may embarrass him slightly, but he deserves the praise.

Way to go, Todd!

-Mike Kole