Thursday, May 04, 2006

Death By a Thousand Small Cuts - Indiana Department of Workforce Development

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development is one of the numerous agencies designed to punish small business for even attempting to hire people, especially those who want to hire the poor and working class. If you take a look at their website and try to comprehend all the regulations they enforce on small business, you'll vow never to start a small business. You'll probably conclude that if you aren't the size of Wal-Mart or Eli Lilly, you aren't going to be able to afford to figure this out.

Here's their website: Indiana Department of Workforce Development

The message of our Federal and State government is clear - don't be successful but do go work for a large corporation because it's easier for the government to control you.

I moved my law practice recently and closed down the part of my practice that hired employees. So far, it has cost me around $1000 and numerous irritating telephone calls to get it done. And I'm still making right by the State of Indiana to close things down officially and by the book! No wonder people without my background get into big trouble and penalties for trying to do what the government wants you to do - close down your small business and go work for Wal-Mart.

1984 anyone?

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Libertarian Jason said...

Great point, Mark. People always like to talk about regulation and taxes to "help the little guy"...but what it does is make it harder for the "little guy" to prosper independently...

Those who would like to work for themselves, and be "the boss", are shuffled into larger, corporate settings where they toe the line set by bigger bosses.