Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How Hoosier Libertarians Deal With Voting in the Taxpayer Gouging Primaries for the Benefit of the Republicans and Democrats

Kenn Gividen, 2004 Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, reports as follows on his experience today in Columbus voting as a Libertarian in Indiana: "They gave me fits at the polling location this morning, demanding that I take a Republican or Democrat slip of paper. When I flatly refused -— and after a minute or two of bantering -— the woman manning the table (always courteous) left the room to make a phone call and returned to admit that, after all, I was right." Kenn was then able to only vote for nonpartisan school board elections.

My experience was different. In Marion County, the person running the table asked immediately, for me to mark the register to show if I wanted a Republican, Democrat or a School Board only ballot? Of course, since I'm a Libertarian, I requested the School Board only ballot. She obviously was well versed in the procedures, including serving Libertarians who were voting only for school board.

I was the 108th person to vote in my precinct, which is actually quite high for a relatively uninteresting local primary. I also proudly voted for Barry Campbell for IPS School Board.

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