Sunday, May 07, 2006

Libertarian Party of Indiana State Chairman Guest Speaker Yesterday at Ohio Convention

Yesterday, I was a guest speaker at the Libertarian Party of Ohio State Convention. I gave an one hour seminar on the Small Business Initiative.

Kevin Knedler, the convention chair, did an excellent job. Knedler was also elected Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Ohio at the convention.

The Ohio LP's convention was a lot of fun. The location was very nice, at Mohican State Park between Columbus and Cleveland (if you like nature, a more than adequate state park inn and lots of quite, I recommend the place highly). The various speakers were all very good.

David Nolan, the founder of the LP, was the keynote speaker. As always, he was very observant, very interesting and a little bit controversial - which made for an enjoyable speech.

Doug McIntyre, of Cult Marketing, gave a seminar presentation on marketing. It was very good and I learned a lot from it.

Dan Sullivan of Pennsylvania gave a very interesting talk on Land Value Taxes. It was surprisingly good (much better that I expected, although I had been told I'd be pleasantly surprised, I still had my doubts until after the presentation). After learning more about it, I like it better than the FairTax. However, both the FairTax and the Land Value Tax are much, much better that our present income-based tax system. Sullivan is the director of Saving Communities. Go to its web site by clicking here and learn more about Land Value Taxes.

Robert Butler, a former staffer of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, and the former Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Ohio, was elected Secretary of the LPO. Robert is doing well, working as a legal and medical English/Spanish interpreter in the Columbus, Ohio area. He is also having a lot of fun as the Delaware County Libertarian Party chair.

John Stewart was elected chair of the Libertarian Party of Ohio. He replaces Jason Hallmark, who served as chair for three years and did an admirable job leading the party through its ballot access war with the State of Ohio, as well as planting the seeds for reaching out to Ohio small business. I highly recommend you check out Jason's blog, Yearning to Breathe Free.

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