Saturday, June 03, 2006

College Textbook Editor Wants Picture of LaPorte County Libertarian Party Headquarters For Textbook Revision

The LaPorte County Libertarian Party (LPLP) has been approached by an editor with a major publishing house for a higher resolution copy of the photograph of their headquarters on their web site. It is to replace a photograph of Nader in a college textbook that is being revised. The photograph is the same one published to the left of this post.

Of course, the LPLP is getting such a copy to the editor, ASAP.

The LPLP headquarters is located at 510 Lincolnway, Ste. A, LaPorte, Indiana 46350.

Go here to see their web site and the picture.

1 comment:

Al said...

Besides being a good plug for the cause, what a fine, beautiful building. I'm sure I'd rather look at a picture of that pretty building than Ralph Nader's sour mug.