Tuesday, June 20, 2006

First Columbus Libertarian Meet-up a Success

Kenn Gividen reports on it as follows:

"The first Columbus area meet-up was held at noon today. The Republic published a story announcing the event, including much information about my campaign. That led many people to believe the meet-up was a campaign event. It was not intended to be.

A homeschool family showed up as a part of their government class and quizzed me extensively about libertarianism. They mostly agreed with my answers. Also, a business owner came with the express purpose of asking about libertarianism. He also was in agreement, except for my views opposing government price-fixing of gasoline.

A restaurant owner agreed that government was too excessive. He was upset that his competitors (lodges) were allowed to serve alcohol, but he wasn't.

The next event is scheduled July 25. All present said they would return and bring others."

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Kenn Gividen said...

Technically it was not a Libertarian-sponsored meet-up, but an effort by individuals frustrated by big-government policies.