Thursday, June 15, 2006

Five Good Questions For Libertarians To Ask Those Who Want To Pass Yet Another Law

This is from the George Mason University Meracutus Center:

"The Accountable Legislation Test

Can your legislation pass the test for accountability and transparency to the American people? Asking the following five questions is a simple and effective procedure for determining whether or not a proposal makes the grade for getting results.

1. Where is the proof that the problem this proposal/legislation seeks to remedy actually exists?

2. Is any program or activity currently working to address the same problem?

3. Where is the proof that the remedy suggested by this legislation (allocation of funds or resources) will actually solve this problem?

4. Is there any evidence to show that the value of fixing this problem is such that it is a higher priority to solve it than to use the same resources to solve another problem?

5. When do we expect the problem to be fixed and when will we finish funding this activity or program?"

Click here to the Mercatus Center web site to see it there.

Many thanks to Libertarian Party of Indiana Communications Director Sheri Conover Sharlow for sending me the above.

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