Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fort Wayne July 4th Libertarian Gathering

Here's the release from Chairman Mike Sylvester of the Libertarian Party of Allen County:

4th of July - Tuesday

Libertarian Get-Together

~ 4 pm or later Picnic ~

~ 10 pm Fireworks ~

At IPFW Parking Lot #3

Celebrate our country's fight for independence with a day of fun, games, food and talk with like-minded people!

We will be in the wooded picnic area next to Parking Lot #3 (at the south-east corner of campus). At 4pm, we will use blankets to stake out a prime fireworks viewing spot.

Please bring something to eat or drink; we will have a large ice chest full of ice there.

So far someone has volunteered to bring soda and chips.

If you email and volunteer to bring something I'll add it to the list on the website: so others can check to see what still needs to be brought.

Call Jeannette at 750-9013, 484-5946, or email yippee_yokel(at), or check , if you like, to tell what you plan to bring, or ask what you should bring. Or just bring what you like.

How to Find Us: (Parking Lot #3 is at the south-east corner of campus)

#1 Entrance: Take the Anthony/Coliseum Entrance onto IPFW and make all right turns; this will bring you into Parking Lot #3.

#2 Entrance: Going south on Crescent, pass under the pedestrian bridge (meaning skip the entrance to the Roundabout), take the next entrance to IPFW and make all left turns, bringing you to Parking Lot #3.

--Look for the American Flag and Allen County LP banner. We will try to get the prime viewing space in the land on the west side of the parking lot

--Last year there was still parking available when the fireworks started, but this year.....?

Questions? Contact Jeannette at 750-9013 or 484-5946 or yippee_yokel(at) , or go to

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