Friday, June 09, 2006

House Republican Survey Includes Question About Libertarian Mike Kole

The June 12th edition of Indiana Legislative Insight reports that the Indiana House Republican Caucus is taking a poll in which respondents are asked that if the election were held today, who would they vote for for Secretary of State: Republican Todd Rokita, Democrat Joe Pearson, or Libertarian Mike Kole?


Malott said...
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Malott said...

a quick question off the subject...

With so many of us Conservative Republicans angry with Senator Lugar over his votes on immigration...
(including his vote in favor of the Dodd amendment that requires us to check with Mexico before building a wall)
...and with no Democrats running... how come I don't know who your candidate is? Don't you guys see the opportunity here?

I really think that this Republican-In-Name-Only Senator is vulnerable. If your candidate isn't a complete loser, and if he can appeal to Conservatives and Evangelical Christians, the right marketing could bring in a great many votes.

And you know the Democrats will jump at the chance to send Lugar packing.

I would be interested in your thoughts and will check back at your site.

Again, I'm sorry for the off-subject question. Thanks.

Mike Kole said...

Steve Osborn is the Libertarian candidate for US Senate. He has a strong position on immigration, and you're right- he'll be able to suck up a good number of votes, with the Dems a no-show and Lugar out of touch.

Kenn Gividen said...


Nov 7, 2006 is the year the Libertarian Party can shine.

• Eric Schansberg is our well-spoken candidate for US Congress in the 9th District. He will do well. Schansberg is an evangelical.

• As you noted, our US Senate candidate has the opportunity to Gartonize Sen. Lugar. Steve Osborn is a credible candidate who will make a great US Senator.

• Speaking of Garton, the race for State Senate District 41 is the most winnable race in Indiana. It would be the highest elected office for any Libertarian in the nation, would catapult the LPIN credibility (not to mention fund raising capabilities), would give us a strong voice in the legislature, generate new interest in Libertarian party and philosophy, translate into credibility for future LP candidates, encourage cross-over votes for the Sec of State candidate and would provide a new high-water mark for the national Libertarian Party.

The lack of interest in these races is painfully frustrating — enough to make me want to run out and duct tape a banner to a tree. But it's is not insurmountable.