Monday, June 26, 2006

Libertarian Party of Indiana Convention Sign Held Hostage (Warning - It's a Joke - Don't Call the Police)

I received this note and the above picture by email yesterday:

"Dear Mark,

You do want to see your state sign at national convention? If you want to see it delivered in one piece, participate in the LPO's new "High Ransom Pledge Program." To save your sign, we require a "contribution" of $2,000.

If we do not receive money, we will begin sending you 1" by 1" squares of your state sign until the ransom, I mean "contribution," is paid.
Please respond.

Peoples' Libertarian Revolutionary Front of Oregon

PS: See Photo Attached if you do not believe we are serious.

cc: New York Times"

The guy in the picture looks a lot like Libertarian Party of Oregon chair Adam Mayer, but it can't be him - can it?

Who says Libertarians don't have a sense of humor?


Anonymous said...

wow...and to see him disrespect the flag like that.....certainly that's not a flag bandana! Surely we didn't support Oregon hosting this convention, did we?


Anonymous said...

Finally! A libertarian who really knows how to fund raise!

George Squyres

Anonymous said...

As State Chair of Oregon I must apologize for the actions of these revolutionaries, they are a menace to our state. I believe they live somewhere in the mountains and occasionally come to town to cause unrest and chaos. I was made aware of their actions late last night and we are using all of our resources to find these evil people and put them to justice.

By the way it doesn't look like a bandana but a napkin with a flag pattern on it taped to the side of that terrorist's face. But that is just a guess from looking at the picture, I wouldn't know since it wasn't me, I was out at the orphanage handing out bibles.

Adam Mayer

Al said...

This looks like perhaps dastardly villains inspired by the likes of the dread Robert Anton Wilson, author of the Illuminatus! books.

Perhaps this is the work of a Discordian splinter group. fnord

Oh, and Brother Drexler, as Sgt Hulka would say, "Lighten up, Francis."

Wes Benedict said...

Don't Mess With Texas!

gRegor said...

Haha, brilliant!