Thursday, June 29, 2006

More Proof That There is No Difference Between Republicans and Democrats - Part II

From today's Indianapolis Star:

"Dan Parker, chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, said this morning that Lugar is just too popular to challenge.

"Let's be honest," Parker said. "Richard Lugar is beloved not only by Republicans but by independents and Democrats." "

The Libertarian Party of Indiana candidate against Lugar is Steve Osborn. He is the challenger to Democrat, I mean Republican, I mean . . . oh whatever. . . Senator Lugar.


Mike Kole said...

Actually, it's proof of their collusion. It spares the parties the necessity of working hard at the voters' expense.

I believe any party that fails to run a candidate for US Senate in Indiana should be declared a minor party for the next four years.

OLD YELLER said...

Their is no better Democrat than Lugar.