Sunday, July 16, 2006

Libertarians at Floyd and Clark County Fairs

Here's the update from Gregory Hertzsch, District 9 member on the Libertarian Party of Indiana Central Committee:

"It is that time of year again! The Clark County 4-H Fair starts this Monday, July 17 and runs through Friday, July 21. As we have done in years past, the Clark County Libertarian Party will be operating a booth at the fair. We need volunteers to man the booth each evening from 6:00 PM to around 9:15 PM. I will be there each evening.

I have ordered a new batch of our "Vote Libertarian" balloons, and they arrived here yesterday. We will be giving the World's Smallest Political Quiz to passerbys. We also have some LP brochures and flyers on various topics available, as well as some Clark County voter registration cards. Most importantly we have some campaign bumper stickers and cards for Mike Kole and Eric Schansberg to hand out.

This past week, we have operated our booth at the Floyd County 4-H Fair. We will be there this evening for the final night of the Floyd Fair. Dr. Eric Schansberg was there for two nights politicking away. His campaign is quite busy and active. If anyone local reads this email in time and wants to stop by the Floyd County 4-H Fair for our final night, come on by. I will set up our booth at the Clark Fairtomorrow so that we will be ready for our opening evening there on Monday.

Get back with me and let me know which evenings you want to volunteer at the Clark County 4-H Fair. In late August we will be operating our booth Sellersburg Celebrates. Stay tuned.

Yours in Libertarian festiveness,

Greg Hertzsch
OPH Booth Coordinator"

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