Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kole Gets Quoted Extensively in the Indianapolis Star

Libertarian Party of Indiana Secretary of State candidate Michael Kole gets quoted extensively in today's Indianapolis Star in an article title "Political parties told not to make prerecorded calls".

By the way - the issue is not whether automated calls are a good idea for a political party to use. It depends, and my opinion is that their use comes with high negatives, for a lot of people understandably don't like them.

What Attorney General Steve Carter seemingly misses is that it is unconstitutional for a political party to be prohibited from using them. This is not the same thing as whether they are a good idea.

He also seemingly misses that the statute in question is addressed specifically towards commercial activity. There is a lot of law out there that distinguishes commercial activity from political activity. This is not a new issue and there are cases from other states on this, and there are well-established principles embedded in US Supreme Court decisions on this.

Attorney General Carter is a bright man. He is a lawyer. Thus, my conclusion is that by telling the Republicans and Democrats that they can't use automated calls, he is engaged in political pandering of the worse sort. It is my opinion that Indiana deserves better from its Attorney General.

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