Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kole Press Conference Attacks Discriminatory Election Laws

Here it is:

"News conference: 10 a.m. Thursday (Aug. 3), east steps the Indiana Statehouse, Indianapolis. (Capitol Avenue side of Statehouse at corner of West Washington and Capitol Avenue)

Topic: Secretary of State candidate Mike Kole stands up for voters, who are being denied choices at the ballot box. Dismissed candidates will attend.

Contact: Mike Kole Campaign at 317-523-9089

Kole: Poor law ostracizes outsiders, hurts voters

Fishers, IN- A new, poorly written campaign law has forced 11 Libertarian candidates from the ballot.

The candidates – eight for statehouse, one statewide and two for federal office – were thrown off the ballot. Voters will find no opposition in three Indiana House races and one Indiana Senate seat. In other words, the only opposition disappeared thanks to this law that targets Libertarians.

“This outrageous rule puts an unnecessary burden on candidates who choose not to affiliate with the old parties,” said Mike Kole, Libertarian candidate for secretary of state. “Indiana lawmakers already have an absurd advantage with rigged districts, voting methods that leave no paper trail for auditing election results and the nation’s second highest threshold for ballot access. Still, these Republicans and Democrats are colluding to make it even tougher for candidates who come from outside the good old boys network. Are they really that afraid of the voters? They should be.”

“Indiana voters deserve better. When I am secretary of state, I will fight for fair elections that allow voters – not politicians – to choose who will hold office.”"

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