Saturday, August 05, 2006

Latest Gividen Press Release

Here it is:

"Gividen questions Democratic opponent’s motives for eliminating gas tax

"Why do liberal Democrats attack small business first?" Kenn Gividen, District 41 Senate candidate, raised that question today. He was responding to his Democratic challenger’s call to strip gas stations and convenient stores of their liquor licenses to discourage gasoline price gouging.

Gividen said the idea was a "a silly scare tactic" and "cheap shot" to convince voters that Democrats are concerned about high energy costs.

"If Democrats truly cared about energy costs, they would not be fighting every effort to extract energy from known oil reserves," Gividen said. "They routinely oppose exploration for new oil, burden the energy industry with expensive regulations and do little but offer lip service to alternative fuels."

Gividen said he believes that liberal Democrats are to blame for the high gas tax.

"The Democrats have consistently favored extravagant spending on public transportation projects," he said. "That what drives the high taxes at the gas pumps. To shift the blame to mom-and-pop groceries and gas stations is beyond disingenuous. It’s disgusting."

"How gullible to the liberals think we are?" Gividen added.

Gividen said he agrees that gasoline taxes should be eliminated, noting that tax reduction was a key component of his campaign for Governor in 2004.

"Terry and I agree that gasoline taxes can be reduced or eliminated," he noted. "But I also believe that property taxes can and should be erased, that Indiana needs fair tax legislation and that cutting taxes requires cutting the over-reaching size of government. Will Terry agree with me on these issues as well? I doubt it."
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