Friday, August 25, 2006

Libertarian Activity Everywhere Across the State

From the southern part of Indiana, Central Committee member Greg Hertzsch reports that yesterday "Melanie Hughes dropped by after she spent all day doing her own OPH outreach at Indiana University Southeast. She had around 100 quiz takers at IUS all in one day and obtained some new contacts for the IUS College Libertarians." Greg was conducting his own OPH (Operation Politically Homeless) booth yesterday at Sellersberg Celebrates.

Yesterday evening I attended the Kole fundraiser at Pinheads Bowling in Fishers. It was a great time - we had our own private room with four bowling lanes, a bar and lounge area to relax while others bowled. I highly recommend it.

In LaPorte, Central Committtee member Greg Kelver reports "Yesterday was a great day for LPLP with the coverage in the Michigan City News Dispatch. . ."

. . ." On the left side of the Opinion page, The Editorial Board had a very well written editorial taking the election board to task for their failure to enforce the campaign finance laws. They did a very good job explaining why it was important that they should have done it.

Kole's letter had top billing on the right side of the page followed by Karen Wolf's letter directly below it."

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