Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Libertarian Thomas Wants to Repeal Sales Tax on Gasoline

Here's his press release:

"For Immediate Release
Contact: J.A. Thomas
Phone: 812-882-9128
Email: hofmain(at)charter.net

Libertarian Candidate announces plan to permanently repeal sales tax on gasoline

Libertarian candidate for District 64 Representative issued the following statement today.

“If elected to office the first piece of legislation I introduce will concern the immediate and permanent removal of the six percent sales tax on gasoline as well as the 18 cent per gallon excise tax which Hoosiers are forced to contend with. While I don’t believe that current prices are creating an emergency situation, I do believe that they will increase to a point that working families will struggle to simply find enough money to fill the gas tank. This is a real problem in a State which has a high percentage of the population living in rural and suburban communities which offer little in the form of mass transportation. It is also reprehensible that Indiana government directly profits from the increasing prices and, indirectly the sacrifices made by families to simply provide transportation for themselves. I have recently read that this kind of legislation may be considered “fiscally irresponsible”. I say that to think of the government’s well being before the citizens is morally reprehensible and those who think otherwise do not deserve to be in a position of power in Indiana Government.”

Democrat leadership has announced a plan to pressure lawmakers to suspend the sales tax only and Republicans have promised a measured move towards removal of the sales tax as well.

“If we only remove the sales tax the state is still contributing to the burden that working families bear. We need total removal of the taxes on gasoline. Also,The citizens of Indiana cannot wait another year for relief. Even 6 months is too long, but given that Governor Daniels and his supporters in the legislature have declared that this is not an energy emergency, the people will have to wait until after the elections.”

Addressing the issue of lost revenue to the state Thomas said “The Governor and the Legislature will have to deal with that when the new budget is submitted. Obviously there may have to be some shifting and cutting of bureaucratic functions. The key is to not make the people pay for the shortfall.” "

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