Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mooreland Fair and Parade a Success

Here's the report from Rex Bell, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Wayne County:

"Thanks to everyone who came out and helped at the Mooreland Fair this last week. It is one of the biggest fairs and parades we attend. I'll be relating some stories about happenings of the week on the campaign page of TheBellCurve at as soon as I get caught up on my sleep and work, hopefully sometime this week.

One involves registering a 67 year-old man to vote. He said he'd never registered before because he never had anyone to vote for, but he would vote for us.

This week we will be at the Richmond Bicentennial celebration on Thursday and Friday evenings, The Hagerstown Jubilee Parade on Saturday, and the Richmond Parade on Sunday. I'll send out more information soon."

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