Thursday, September 21, 2006

Kelver Questions Endorsement

Here's the latest press release from Greg Kelver, Libertarian candidate for Indiana House District 20 :

"Greg Kelver
Libertarian Candidate for State Representative - District 20

For Immediate Release

September 21, 2006

Kelver questions teachers endorsement

Greg Kelver, Libertarian candidate for State Representative District-20, is questioning the endorsement process used by the Indiana State Teachers Association. Kelver said “It is very surprising that the Teachers Association would endorse a candidate in this important race without even attempting to find out where other candidates may stand on the important issue of education. Of all people, educators should be seeking to fairly gather information from all candidates before making an endorsement in a particular race. Teachers should be opening and expanding minds, not closing them before gathering adequate information.”

Kelver noted that as a state legislator, he could bring a unique perspective and fresh ideas to education issues. “My family has utilized a combination of public schools, private schools, and homeschooling for education. We understand from firsthand experience the advantages and disadvantages of each. One size does not fit all and it is important that we expand educational opportunities for all children so that parents can choose the best options for their children.”

Kelver said he favors a combination of individual education grants and tax credits to fund education and expand the education options available to parents. “The ‘Free Textbook’ debate is really pretty ridiculous. In accordance with the requirements of Indiana’s Constitution, I believe parents should be provided the means to purchase educational tools that work best for their children. That may mean for some children, a laptop computer and educational software may be much more effective than textbooks. Andrea Renner and the ISTA should wake up to the fact that this is 2006, not 1976. Maintaining the status quo in education is just not acceptable.” Kelver also questioned Renner’s recent vote on performance pay for City of LaPorte employees. “It was very interesting to see that Renner favored performance pay for city employees. Since the ISTA has traditionally opposed merit pay, I wonder if she also supports the concept of performance pay for teachers?”

Kelver noted that the problem with high property taxes is also directly tied to funding education. “The largest part of the property tax bill for most people goes toward funding education, not roads, police, or firefighters. It is very important that we stop throwing money at bricks and mortar and start figuring out how to more effectively use the education resources that are available. We do not need more local taxes to be charged on income, sales, food, beverages, or hotels - we just need some new people with innovative ideas on how to stop wasting taxpayers' money.”

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