Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lot's of Press Coverage for Indiana Libertarian Candidates

Schansberg - Libertarian for US House District 9:
New Albany Tribune
: "ROBISON: 9th District voters are entitled to another debate"

Kole - Libertarian for Secretary of State:
South Bend Tribune: "Indiana secretary of state candidates address voting procedures, ballot access"

Gividen - Libertarian for Indiana Senate District 41:
WTHR-TV: - "District 41 senator candidates debate"
WISH-TV: - "Hoosier Voices: State Senate District 41"

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Kenn Gividen said...

Below is a note submitted to Kevin Rader at WTHR.


Thanks for the balanced coverage of the state Senate 41 debate.

I need to clear up on serious inaccuracy.

Your wrote, "But Libertarian Gividen, who says if he's elected he will switch to the Republican party..."
I've never said that. Rather, it was Greg Walker's distortion of a quote in the Indy Star.

(Another reason why he should not be elected.)

My loyalties are with the Libertarian Party and, if elected I will remain a Libertarian.

My position is: If elected, the Libertarians will need to consider our options for re-election. At that point, we may consider if it is appropriate to run as a "Ron Paul" Republican. I would only do that with the consentual support of the Libertarians and Republicans.

That is presuming, of course, I survive the Libertarian lynch mobs.



PS - Note that clarification was made on Mark Rutherford's blog days before the debate.