Sunday, September 17, 2006

Schansberg Criticizes Deception in Sodrel Mailing

Here's the press release from the Schansberg campaign:

Melanie Hughes
Campaign Manager, Schansberg for Congress
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Eric Schansberg
Libertarian Candidate
U.S. House, 9th District—IN
(812) 218-0443

September 16, 2006


Schansberg criticizes deception in Sodrel mailing

Dr. Eric Schansberg, the Libertarian candidate for the U.S. House (9th District—IN) and Professor of Economics at Indiana University Southeast, called on Mike Sodrel to recant a recent mailing's claim that he "is the only candidate you can trust to cut taxes". As a Libertarian, Schansberg is far more credible on wanting to reduce taxes. Beyond that, the mailing omits Sodrel's votes for much higher future taxes—through current deficit spending of more than $300 billion this year alone.

Schansberg said, "Representative Sodrel continues to pose as a fiscal conservative. He would be better than Baron Hill on this issue, but he's not even in my league. No fiscal conservative could vote for the runaway spending we've had under President Bush and his Republican Congresses. Sodrel talks about cutting taxes for Indiana's families, but he has increased taxes dramatically for our children by voting for irresponsible budgets."

On the tax cuts for which Sodrel has voted, Schansberg said, "Those are fine. I would do that and more. Unfortunately, Sodrel has said virtually nothing about cutting payroll taxes—which impose a far greater burden on most families."

For more information, contact Eric Schansberg at (812) 218-0443, Melanie Hughes at (502) 432-1930, or send an email to


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