Friday, September 01, 2006

Schansberg Makes His Mark At Debate

It was great to be in Bloomington last night and be a part of hopefully the first of several debates in the 9th Congressional District. WTIU ran a very well organized event in very nice facilities. The moderator was in control and the panelists asked good questions.

Eric Schansberg, Libertarian candidate for the 9th US House District did very well. He was able to distinguish himself from Sodrel and Hill, as well as show the viewer that he had different and workable solutions. He repeatedly emphasized that he is the candidate for the working poor and middle class, for he wants payroll tax relief.

After the standard post-debate press interviews, Kenn Gividen, John Harbeson, Eric and I had dinner together. This was a lot of fun (ask Kenn to tell you the story about his Sunday school class that took an interesting turn - it had me in stitches).

Lastly, here are several links to media stories on the debates:

WTHR - "Ninth district candidates debate"

Indianapolis Star - "Ninth District candidates face off"

Indiana Daily Student - "High Energy Debate"

Louisville Courier-Journal - "9th District debate focuses on war in Iraq, energy"

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