Monday, September 18, 2006

Sign Up Now to Attend Gividen's Senate 41 Debate

The debate for the three candidates for Indiana Senate 41 is set for Tuesday, September 26th at 6:30 pm at Franklin College. Here is who has requested tickets for the event so far:

Donna Gividen
Laura Sorrell
David Sorrell
Makayla Sorrell
Meadow Sorrell
Kendall Hadler
Shannon Hadler
Steve Rucker
Jan Rucker
Tom Mulcahy
Rebeccah Sink-Burris
Sam Goldstein
Paul Gividen
Greg Dixon


Mark Burris
Mark Rutherford (I may be in South Bend with Place and Kole)
Jame Goldstein
Dan Drexler

Sign-up for tickets at 1492@USA.COM. Only 45 are available for each candidate.

This is a big day for Indiana Libertarians. The three Secretary of State candidates are in South Bend that night for their "debate".

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