Sunday, September 10, 2006

Why Rex Bell Can Get Elected to the Indiana House of Representatives

Indiana's got a candidate for Indiana House of Representatives who is competitive and there is a realistic possibility that he can be elected.

His name is Rex Bell. He is well-known in the district as the builder of high-end custom homes in eastern Indiana. He is very popular.

He needs financial support and seasoned campaign advise on cable advertising. He has everything else put together. The financial support will allow him to advertise on cable TV.

His wife is Susan Bell, a popular small business owner and judge of the Hagerstown Town Court. She was elected judge in a partisan race as a Libertarian.

He is well known in the legislative district. He comes from a family that has lived in the district for several generations.

His campaign has volunteers, is well-organized and is extremely active.

His campaign activities to date include:

1. Staffed booths at two local fairs that lasted for a week, a booth at a couple of one day events, and participation in 7 parades.
2. Spoken at a local Rotary Club and has future speaking engagements at other clubs and organizations.
3. There will be at least one debate in which he will be included. There likely will be a second debate too.
4. He has yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons, flyers, palm cards and T-Shirts. He is buying billboards, newspaper and local radio ads. So far, about $8500 has been raised by him or his local county party for his election support. (His Republican opponent spent $16,000 on direct primary and general campaign expenses in 2004).

The Republican incumbent is running from a position of weakness. He is increasingly unpopular because of the Republican governor's low approval ratings and unpopular actions. He is unpopular because of the way he recently handled matters when his son was involved in an alcohol related hit-and-run fatality.

The Democrat challenger is an attorney in New Castle, where he has some name recognition, but 75-80% of New Castle is in another house district. The Democrat challenger does not have name recognition in most of the district.

In 2002 and 2004, Rex was able to win 25% and 30% of the vote in Wayne County races, which encompasses most of the district. He won 4 precincts in 2002, and 3 precincts in 2004. He has a lot of name recognition due to his numerous letters and guest opinions in the major local papers over the last several years.

The district is 71% Republican. If Rex can split the Republican vote, he will be elected.

Please pass the word on his campaign! Send donations to Rex Bell for District 54 Representative, 17059 St Rd. 38, Hagerstown IN 47346, (765) 489-5363.

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