Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Join Kole and Hertzsch for Fundraiser and Fun in Clarksville

Here's the release:

"Come one, come again for a second round!

Saturday, November 4, 2006 at the home of LPINCC Ninth District Representative Greg Hertzsch in Clarksville, Indiana.

Food, fun, freedom! From Noon until 6:00 PM. LPIN Secretary Of State candidate Mike Kole will be one of our honored guests!

This is the second year for this celebration of liberty. It takes place on the same day as the annual Lewis and Clark Festival, a mere ten minute walk from my house. On October 26, 1803, Lewis and Clark first met each other at this location (now known as George Rogers Clark Park), and it is when they began their journey exploring the northwestern and western USA. Yes, they departed from this location in Clarksville, Indiana. They paved the way for the great expansion westward of our great land.

The Lewis and Clark Festival is being held in early November this year instead of it usual late October dates because November 2006 marks the 200th anniversary of the return of Lewis and Clark to Clarksville, thus completing their journey.

Come and see demonstrations of what life was like in the pioneer days. See and tour the cabin where General George Rogers Clark lived in his latter years. Cannons will be shot off over the Ohio River.
You will feel like you stepped back in time. And it is only a moment's walk from the LPIN party at my house!

Hosted by Greg Hertzsch at his house in historic Clarksville, Indiana, with the Lewis and Clark Festival a mere ten minute walk away. Those who attended last year had a great time. Let's make this year's event even better!

Come celebrate with us. Food and nonalcoholic drinks will be provided. Optionally, there will be a fundraiser raffle, with raffle tickets at $20 a piece. The winner of the raffle will receive half of the winnings for themselves with the other half going to the LPIN.

To RSVP or get directions, contact Greg Hertzsch at roadman(at)insightbb.com.
(812)282-6084 Home . . ."

". . . For more information on the Lewis and Clark Festival, visit http://www.lewisandclarkinclarksville.org/

I hope to see many of you here on Saturday, November 4.

Yours in liberty,

Greg Hertzsch
Ninth District Representative
LPIN Central Committee"

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