Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lead Front Page Coverage for Schansberg

Here's the report on this by Greg Hertzsch, 9th District representative on the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Indiana:

Greetings, LPINers,

Ninth District Libertarian congressional candidate Eric Schansberg made the front page of one of our local newspapers today. He is featured in a front page headline article in the jointly-owned Evening News (in Clark County) and New Albany Tribune (Floyd County) newspapers. The article features a prominent photo of Eric Schansberg in the foreground with his challengers, Republican incumbent Mike Sodrel and Democrat challenger and past congressman Baron Hill, in the background. For today only, the article is on the front page of the newspaper website The direct link to the whole article is at (CLICK HERE)

The article discusses the potential spoiler affect that Schansberg may have on the Republican incumbent Mike Sodrel. Neither the Sodrel nor Hill campaigns are too worried about us for now, so they say.

Interviewed in the article is our own former candidate for congress Al Cox, who ran against Sodrel and Hill in 2002 and 2004. (This is the third time in a row that Sodrel and Hill have ran against each other. Hill won in 2002 while Sodrel defeated him in 2004.)

Also interviewed is Floyd County Libertarian Party Chair Mike Martin, who noted that typically when voters vote between what is claimed to be the world's greatest hambuger maker, all they are handed in the end is a hot dog. Leave it to Mike to come up with the witty one-liners. :)

The effect of other possible past Libertarian spoiler races is mentioned. including Wisconsin's 2002 governor's race.

Sure it would have been better if this article had appeared in The Courier Journal, as it is a far larger newspaper. But I am pleased. This type of coverage is far better than a full page ad. Go read the article for yourself.

Yours in liberty,

Greg Hertzsch
Ninth District Representative
LPIN Central Committee

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