Sunday, October 08, 2006

Libertarians in New Albany Harvest Homecoming Parade Yesterday - Watch Them On YouTube!

Libertarian Party of Indiana District Representative Greg Hertzsch reports as follows:

"Yesterday the members of the Libertarian Parties of Clark and Floyd counties participated in the Harvest Homecoming Parade in New Albany, We had a float which featured our congressional candidate Dr. Eric Schansberg. I have taken numerous photos at the parade, and I also shot some video footage. My digital camera has a movie recording mode which I tried using for the first time during the parade. I have uploaded the footage for you all to see.

Besides our candidate, we had Melanie Hughes and Patricia Singh riding in the float. In the car we had Kirk Singh driving, Mike Martin, Grace Martin, and myself. I shot the video first from within the car, and then I stuck myself outside the window to shoot some unobstructed video, trying not to drop the camera in the process. The video was taken near the end of the parade, at the location where the announcer talks about each group as they pass by.

This parade kicks off the Harvest Homecoming Festival. Several streets in downtown New Albany will be closed off next Wednesday through Sunday to make way for the many booths and events going on. As this event is hugely popular, we were unable to obtain booth space. But our plan is to walk the event next weekend and hand out flyers and stuff from our candidates and to talk to people about the election."

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