Saturday, October 21, 2006

Libertarians - "It’s just a part of politics in Indiana."

According to Republican US House candidate Sodrel's campaign manager, Libertarians on the ballot means "It'’s just a part of politics in Indiana."”

Read more about this in the New Albany Tribune article titled "Professor X: Libertarian is the "‘x"’ factor in a 9th District race".


Anonymous said...

Mark -- That's exactly the quote I hope everyone picks up on. Let's keep up the work! -drexler

Eric Schansberg said...

I wonder whether he meant "just a part..." as in "just a small part" or as in "just a common, accepted part"? The best part to me, by far, was Hill attacking my position and Sodrel's campaign mananger's claim that Sodrel's record is clear that he's a fiscal conservative. We'll respond to both of those!