Friday, October 27, 2006

Poll Shows Rex Bell Can Win - Indianapolis Star's Tully Talks About Benefit of Libertarian Being Elected to Indiana General Assembly

The word is getting out that Libertarian candidate for Indiana House District 54 Rex Bell can win his race. A poll taken last Tuesday by OpinionFactor for the Libertarian Party of Indiana shows that among Decided Voters, Bell is at 33%, incumbent Republican Saunders is at 35% and Democrat Sadler is at 31% (+/-5.5% margin of error).

Today on WXNT 1430 AM's morning program "Abdul in the Morning", Matt Tully of The Indianapolis Star spoke on the benefit for all Hoosiers of a Libertarian victory in a General Assembly race. Tully focused on the check and balance effect a Libertarian in the General Assembly would have on the other two parties.

To read more about the poll, check out my recent post "35, 33, 31 and Fight!".


Mark said...

FYI: Link to article on "35..." doesn't work (although it does in earlier article).

Good luck to Bell, Kole, et al, on November 7th.

Mark W. Rutherford said...

Thanks for heads up on bad link. It has been fixed.