Monday, October 16, 2006

Praise for Schansberg Press Release


Melanie Hughes
Campaign Manager, Schansberg for Congress
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Eric Schansberg
Libertarian Candidate
U.S. House, 9th District—IN
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October 16, 2006


Indianapolis Star endorses Sodrel, criticizes Hill, praises Schansberg

On Sunday, The Star 's editorial board endorsed Representative Mike Sodrel for a second term, citing "a sound first term", "good understanding of issues", and "thoughtful approaches" to various public policies.

The board crushed Democratic opponent Baron Hill for relying on "campaign boilerplate", displaying "little depth of knowledge", his refusal to provide specific answers on how he would balance the budget, and his surprising unfamiliarity with the Pence immigration plan.

The board also praised Libertarian Eric Schansberg as "a credible alternative" who "offers a vision for fiscal responsibility that congressional Democrats and Republicans would do well to emulate".

Schansberg said, "I wish they had emphasized my stances on important issues related to the working poor and the middle class—like Social Security and payroll taxes. And I wish they had said something about my willingness to address the tougher issues instead of slinging mud and focusing on secondary issues while campaigning. But I'm thankful for the kind and encouraging words. We've run a strong campaign and I'm glad that The Star sees me as a credible candidate."

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