Friday, October 06, 2006

Report From the Gividen Campaign - He's Gaining Steam

Very exciting news from Kenn Gividen, Libertarian candidate for Indiana Senate District 41. (You can help by making your donation to his campaign by clicking here.)

Here's his latest report:

"* I invested 2 - 3 hours Tuesday going door-to-door; that's why I was out of it at the debate; tired and brain-drained from being in 80 degree heat.

*I spent all day Tuesday covering two neighborhoods and plan to spend most of Saturday doing the same.

* Another letter to the editor was published today touting my views on taxes and blasting Walker.

* Yard signs are ordered (still need $250), print ads will be ordered if funds allowed (need $500 to $600) and a tile ad is on The Republic. to view.

* Getting calls and emails from known and unknown supporters who are telling me I'm going to win. One physcian called today asking for yard signs, pledging a donation (didn't say how much) and noting his entire staff was voting for me and encouraging their friends to do the same.

* One guy I met Tuesday while going door-to-door said he and his buddies expect me to win. Later, he chased me down in his truck to get fliers to distribute to his friends and family.

* "Big-shot" business owner from Hope sent an email. He likes my views on home-schooling and less government intrusion in business. He is well-known throughout our community."

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Kenn Gividen said...

1 - Note the tile ad on the Republic's web site is in rotation. You may need to refresh to see it come up.

2 - View print ad here:

Cost: $84 in Franklin Journal
Your donation will be appreciated.