Thursday, October 19, 2006

Republican Wealth Redistribution From the Working Class to the Well-Connected

Rex Bell, Libertarian candidate for Indiana House district 54, writes about how government "econonomic development" in Wayne County, Indiana is really wealth redistribution from the working class to the well-connected in his blog post "Going down a hard road".

Note that one of the "well-connected" is extremely well-connected County Commissioner Tom Dickman (Republican). The County Commissioners appoint members of the Economic Development Commission (of which Dickman is a member), who are now granting $700,000 in tax abatements to Dickman and his brother.

I'd like a $700,000 tax abatement for my business interests. Guess I should be running for County Commissioner somewhere? It's better than being a taxpayer having to make up for $700,000 in lost tax revenues.

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