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"Schansberg responds to Hill's attack on his Iraq position"

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October 23, 2006


Schansberg responds to Hill's attack on his Iraq position

In response to a question posed by David Mann of the Jeffersonville News and Tribune, Hill said that Schansberg's position on Iraq is "wishy-words, double-speak". In reply, Schansberg said, "My position is much clearer than Hill's. I can't be precise about dates for the initiation of the withdrawals or the pace of troop reductions. But I am articulating the most insistent vision for getting our troops out of Iraq."

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In Sunday's overview of policy stances in the Bloomington Herald-Times, Hill wrote: "I do not support timetables for troop redeployment, but we should put timetables in place for the Iraqi people to gradually start taking more control of their own country." Schansberg said, "Now, there's some double-speak. He doesn't want timetables, but he wants timetables. Baron needs to decide whether he wants to craft a position near Mike's—or whether he wants to join me in arguing far more passionately for our troops to come home."

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Two weeks ago, Dr. Eric Schansberg clarified his position on Iraq and contrasted it with his two major-party opponents. He noted that the three candidates were saying the same thing about withdrawal (to get out as soon as possible), but that each meant something different by the phrase. Sodrel's position is essentially to "stay the course"; Hill's position is somewhat more aggressive than Sodrel's in wanting our troops out. Schansberg wants the troops out immediately but recognizes the need for an organized and careful withdrawal—for the safety of our troops and to ease the transition of our departure. He argued for immediate plans and imminent troop reductions on the way toward getting out of Iraq altogether.

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