Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tips on Getting Libertarians Elected by Allen County Chair Mike Sylvester

Here's the good tips LPAC chair Mike Sylvester sent to his activists:

"The November election is just around the corner. There are several things you can do to help elect Libertarians in five weeks. If everyone does one item we will have a strong showing and we will be able to accomplish even more next year.

Please take the time to do at least one of the following items:

1. Karena (My wife) and I are distributing 1800 door hangers for the Robert Enders campaign and for the Mike Kole campaign. We could use your help. If you can distribute some of these door hangers please give Mike Sylvester a phone call at 338-0833.

2. Both Mike Kole and Robert Enders yard signs are available. If you would like to display a Mike Kole yard sign please give Mike Sylvester a call, if you would like to display a Robert Enders yard sign please give Robert Enders a call at 494-6739.

3. Please write a letter to the editor endorsing your favorite Libertarian candidate. This takes ten to fifteen minutes and, depending on the newspaper that prints it, can be read by thousands of voters. This is free advertising and everyone should write at least one this campaign season. I have a complete list of local newspapers and will help you in any way that I can!

4. Please volunteer to distribute “palm cards” for Robert and Mike this November. Please call Robert at 494-6739 if you can help us with this important task.

5. Please make a monetary contribution to a Libertarian Campaign. We need to advertise to get the word out to voters that there is another choice.

I know everyone is very busy. Please take the time to do at least one of the above items. I need your help, The Libertarian Party of Allen County needs your help, and both Robert Enders and Mike Kole need your help.

Mike Sylvester
Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Allen County"

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