Thursday, November 02, 2006

Greg Kelver Debates Opponents Last Night in Winamac

Last night, Greg Kelver, Libertarian candidate for Indiana House District 20, participated in the candidate debate with his opponents. The debate was held in Winamac. Greg reports that a very good crowd attended the debate. It was sponsored by the Pulaski County Journal and The Independent. It was moderated by John Plowman of the Pulaski County Journal and The Independent.

Greg describes Winamac as follows: "Small towns like Winamac represent the very heart and soul of Indiana - and is the type of town where libertarian ideas and values will find a receptive audience and fertile ground."

Greg also reports that "It is obvious that Pulaski County has been pretty much ignored by both of the old parties in the past. The way that District 20 has been gerrymandered is a prime example of the old party problem. Winamac deserves to have a State Representative who lives in the area and is readily available to discuss issues and ideas, not a representative who lives 45 -60 minutes away. But unfortunately, this poster child for a gerrymandered district heavily favors LaPorte and virtually assures that the representative would not be from Pulaski, Jasper, or Porter County.. When the candidates were asked how we would communicate with Pulaski County, I offered an e-town hall meeting at my website tonight from 7-9 PM (EASTERN TIME) to chat with them some more about issues. The time zone issue is VERY important to Pulaski County and I believe that time zones should be a matter of geography, not politics. Indiana needs to be on one time, Central Time, with the line drawn between Indiana and Ohio. When I suggested that the quickest way to fix the time zone mess once and for all would be to have the DOT draw the time line down Meridian Street in Indianapolis so legislators got a better understanding, the crowd was pretty appreciative."

Greg also reports that he had the opportunity to meet Steve Sewell who is the Owner/Publisher of the Francesville Tribune.

Lastly, Greg reports that "(f)or me, the absolute best part of the debate was when some young people came up after the meeting and identified themselves as Libertarians. These individuals were extremely bright and very concerned - and they totally "get it". (One explained that he had a teacher who had them read "Atlas Shrugged") They also expressed a possible interest in starting an affiliate organization in Fulton and/or Pulaski County. With young individuals like these who are naturally gravitating toward the libertarian philosophy, I believe that the future looks very bright for the LPIN. . ."

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