Sunday, November 12, 2006

Highest Vote Totals Ever for Libertarian Party of Steuben County

Here's what happened in Steuben County. Note that Tom Saylor and Dan Caruso had strong showings (top three finishers win in Township Board races):

Jamestown Township Board

(R) 711 (29%)
(R) 687 (28%)
(R) 583 (24%)
(L) 475 (19%) - Tom Saylor

Pleasant Township Board

(R) 1750 (22%)
(R) 1687 (21%)
(R) 1559 (19%)
(L) 1356 (17%) - Dan Caruso
(L) 1029 (13%) - Ken Bisson
(L) 697 (9%) - A J Hudson

Steuben County Libertarian Party Chairman Ken Bisson summed up the results to me as follows:

"(1) Strong candidates, as we had this year, can win here if we run more active campaigns. Steuben County voters are clearly willing to vote for good candidates even when they run on the LP ticket.

(2) Our chances will be greatly improved in the future as a result of this year's strong showing. Every voter now knows that Dan Caruso was only 2 percentage points from a winning result. There should be no "wasted vote" concerns in Steuben County for future LP candidates.

(3) The Indiana LP will continue to win more seats in the coming years if we continue to seek out good candidates and ASK THEM TO RUN. . . "

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