Sunday, November 19, 2006

More Proof Big Corporate Hospitals are Behind Health Insurance Scandal

Here's more proof that big business Hospital Corporations are behind the growing health insurance scandal (the conspiracy of big business and government to drive free market controls out of the system and drive up their profits (to heck with the poor and middle class)).

This is in today's Indianapolis Star in the article titled "Daniels' plan aims beyond uninsured".

"Daniel Evans, president and chief executive of Clarian Health, sees great potential in the expanded coverage but said such a massive undertaking requires careful oversight. "This is big business," Evans said. "It will be up to government to make sure the private sector is efficient.""

Daniel Evans and big business has succumbed to socialism. Daniel Evans also has contributed to the Republican Party. Further proof that the Republican faction of the Big Government Party is socialistic in its thinking. Shame on all of them.

Last point - government being in charge of the private sector means the private sector will continue to become as efficient and service oriented as the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. I can hardly wait for the old soviet style shortages and lines for my groceries in the near future!


Kenn Gividen said...

Before you debunk Daniels' socialism, consider these great ideas:

1 - The Daniels' plan would work very well if applied to retail sales.

Think about it...

Losses due to shoplifting are passed on to paying customers. By simply giving merchandise to poor folks, shoplifting will end saving both customers and retailers money. We'll just pass the cost on to smokers with an excise tax.

2 - Instead of adding 25 cents tax per pack, let's add 25 cents per cigarette. That will raise $7.50 per pack of 30, enough to provide free insurance for everyone.

And a passing thought...

I wonder how objective the press would be if the Daniel's tax were placed on newspapers instead of cigarettes.

Guy Barry said...

All you said sounds good but has itbeen tested as true?