Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mother's Against Drunk Driving Believes in Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Somebody has to say it.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a dangerous organization full of socialistic prohibitionist statists who believe that everyone is guilty until proven innocent. MADD has infiltrated government with its programs, most of which are funded by government, or by court orders requiring defendants to pay for these programs (by the way, the defendants have no choice on the rehabilitative program they attend for their bad behavior - they are a captive audience for MADD).

Why do I say they are against the important tradition of innocent until proven guilty? MADD is now pushing for mandatory breathalyzer's in all automobiles. MADD's next move is probably a 1984 style two-way vision mirror with our personal policeman making sure we do our morning exercises too.

MADD is a very dangerous organization of prohibitionists who must get "warm fuzzies" about the good old days of prohibition with its gangsters, gangs, machine guns and innocent lives lost in the 1920's, and I bet they get great satisfaction at the number of unsolved burglaries due to the wasted money spent on seat belt enforcement zones in the United States.

They must be stopped. Unless they are stopped, they will go until we once again have prohibition of alcohol in the United States, and all the horrible social ills, including the corrupting influence on government, that goes along with prohibition of alcohol. But at least they will be content knowing that since it is illegal, only criminals will have alcohol, as the gang wars over alcohol turf go on around their ivory towers.

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Kenn Gividen said...

Tech geeks will doubtless build a lucrative black market helping drunk drivers tweak their gadgets to provide false readings.