Saturday, November 04, 2006

Rex Bell and Fellow Libertarians "Rat Out" Push Poll in District 54

Thursday night, someone was doing a "push poll" in House District 54. A "push poll" is considered unethical by the professional standards of ethical organizations that do polling. It is a poll in which the questions and methodology are purposefully designed to bias the results.

The Bell campaign and the Libertarian Party of Indiana reacted quickly when we learned of this and all of us worked to get the word out on this unethical polling.

Today, the Richmond Palladium-Item published an article on the "push poll" titled "Party seeks origin of incomplete poll".

A word of warning to "push pollers" - while the Bell campaign learned of the poll through others, all doubts were erased when your pollsters called Rex Bell! Next time, you might want to take the Libertarian candidate more seriously and remove him from your telephone list. Not only is the poll unethical, it was done stupidly too.

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