Thursday, January 18, 2007

City of Indianapolis Giving Big Corporate Interests Up to $45.5 Million Dollars - Crime Still Increasing in Indianapolis Too

While crime continues to increase in Indianapolis without adequate resources being directed to it, the City of Indianapolis has agreed to invest up to $48.5 million dollars in a big corporation's new hotel.

With sarcasm, I report that I feel much safer now in downtown Indianapolis.

Without sarcasm, I report that I still feel it is unfair that the City of Indianapolis hasn't volunteered to give me a new building downtown in which to house my law practice. What's the problem? Am I not big enough? Won't it stimulate economic growth downtown? Won't it diminish crime downtown? Or is it because I don't have the same potential as a big corporation to directly or indirectly give or influence the giving of money to local politicians' campaigns - or engage them later with lucrative jobs or consulting contracts?

I wish I was the Colts or the Marriott Corporation - they certainly know a "sucker" (the City of Indianapolis) when they see one. More power to them - as far as I can tell they have publicly engaged the City - the City is the one at fault for doing it.

However, I really hate paying taxes to the City of Indianapolis so that the owners of the Colts and Marriott Corporation can make more money. It just isn't right.

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Passerby said...

Mr. Chairman:

When will a viable third party candidate emerge? The Dems won't run one of their own out of office and the Republicans (apparently) don't have any candidate willing to run.

If there was any time for a third party candidate to gain exposure for the alternative, I would think that running for office in the 12th largest city in the country would be it. Even more so since the incumbent has disenfranchised his constituents.