Wednesday, January 17, 2007

LaPorte City Council "Bans" Color of "Ugly Building" Housing Headquarters of LaPorte County Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party of Indiana District Representative Greg Kelver reports:

"Just want to give you a heads up that LPLP HQ is on the front lines of an upcoming battle with the LaPorte City Council about the "Ugly Building Ordinance" they just passed. Great picture of the HQ and a letter from our landlord was the guest editorial in the LaPorte Herald Argus yesterday. Linked from the front page of their online edition at The original thread about the ordinance was one of the hottest threads that I have seen recently and we are adding fuel. Apparently they figured out that our "begonia" building might help sell a couple of newspapers :-)

From our perspective, the timing is perfect going into the municipal elections."

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Mike Kole said...

A picture of that building was good enough for use in textbooks... but not good enough for LaPorte.

Whatever, that's a pretty cool way to get some free publicity. Doug Barnes should write a letter complaining that the picture should have been bigger.