Thursday, February 01, 2007

If the NFL Wants to Stop Indianapolis Church From Showing Super Bowl - Then the NFL Should Stop Getting Taxpayer Money for Their Stadiums, Teams, Etc

The NFL is a business. This is proven by the NFL's request to Fall Creek Baptist Church in Indianapolis to not show the Super Bowl as the church had planned. Their request is with the threat of taking legal action if the church proceeds with their plan. To learn more about this, go the the Indianapolis Star article titled "NFL's lawyers sack church's game plan".

So why are the taxpayers of Indiana supporting the Colts and the NFL through their taxes? Why do I pay extra taxes to support them when I go out to eat? Why am I paying taxes to build them a stadium? Why do the Colts get the naming rights of the stadium and the money for selling the naming rights?

If the NFL and Colts weren't subsidized so directly and heavily by the taxpayers of Indiana, I wouldn't be incensed. I would wonder at the meanness of it all, the sacrifice of good promotion, good feelings and the unnecessary bad publicity it produces. But it is a business and the owners make those decisions. Yet, the taxpayers are subsidizing these people who in my opinion are short sighted decision makers.

I'm pleased the Colts are in the Super Bowl.

I'm having a hard time getting excited about it.

This is because my tax dollars are paying for the team, yet a state legislator was recently robbed and beaten up three blocks from my home and my tax dollars don't seem to be going towards stopping these predators (unless by happenstance they happen to urinate in an alley somewhere or ingest or possess a prohibited substance).

Indiana's priorities are all messed up.

And the NFL and Super Bowl are probably no longer as exciting, fun and special to a church congregation in Indianapolis.

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gRegor said...

Careful, you might get a letter for using their trademark in this blog post. :-]

I think it's ridiculous anyway. They broadcast a signal freely; they cannot dictate when, where, or how you use that signal.