Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Is Bart Peterson a Democrat Who Supports the Poor - One Website Suggests He Supports Wealthy Real Estate Developers - Not the official Bart Peterson web site, has an interesting assessment of Democrat Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson - "He's not a mayor, he's a real estate developer."

This is an interesting look at Peterson. By the way, in a world of a long time ago, the Democratic Party's reputation included championing the poor. Are the Indianapolis Colts now poor?

The Libertarian Party of Indiana champions the poor - as we fight to break the power games of the rich corporations and interests in Indiana generally and more specifically in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, etc. Payroll taxes fall on the poor, because all the poor pay them, but if the rich make enough, their extra income isn't subject to payroll taxes. And when a big corporation gets a tax abatement, the bills of government still have to be paid, and the poor still have to pay their taxes, including the share of the big corporation that is now "abated".

Are we against the rich - heavens no! We are only against the rich who manipulate the government to enrich themselves, which almost always is at the expense of the poor. There's a lot of that going on now.

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