Saturday, February 17, 2007

Join Allen County Libertarians and Rally for Small Business Rights

The following was sent today by the Allen County Libertarian Party:

"URGENT !!!!!!!!!


Monday, Feb 19
6:00 PM
Piere's Club
St. Joe Rd.
Ft. Wayne, IN
Refreshments will be provided at this no-alcohol event, free of charge.
Please attend this rally to show support for the rights of small business owners and individuals.
Your attendance at this meeting is vital to stopping the trampling of individual fredoms!


My name is Jennifer Griggs, newly elected Chairperson of the Libertarian Party of Allen County. In the past a lot of what we have done has been conducting meetings where we sat around and talked alot, bit did very little real good as far as touching other peoples lives. During this coming year, I strongly urge you to help the party connect with our community. We all must realize that our true purpose. Behind having this political party is politcal action. Action such as speaking in public places at public events on important subjects. Over the course of the next year we must concentrate on and act on issues that actually matter to our community. We will become leaders, teachers, friends and speakers--but most importantly we will become activists. And our voices will finally be heard. I challenge you and charge you as a supporter of the ACLP to interact and become one with the community of Allen County--the community we are a part of.. Today, I have found one such issue and I need your immediate attention.

Recently, I met with Todd Smith, Manager of Piere's. We discussed the public rally he has organized to unite small business owners and individuals whose jobs and businesses have been put in jeopardy by the tyrannical smoking ordinance the city council has recently imposed. As you well know, the Libertarian Party of Allen County believes that the rights of adults to assemble and engage in legal activities in public places and private establishments cannot be compromised. The market must be free and will dictate policy. We as Libertarians believe that the market will eventually create such things as smokers-only establishments, smoke friendly establishments, and non smoking establishment to cater to the diverse range of consumers in our area. We whole-heartedly support the rights of small business owners to decide what does and does not take place in their establishments. And, we whole-heartedly support the right of the individual to choose what type of establishments they frequent. We believe in an individual's responsibility not to impose their values on other individuals.

Let's spread the word and fill the building!! Let's show the county and the local news media how much this issue matters to us!! Let's stand side with the local business owners!! There will be speakers, discussion, and organizing and plan of action to protect our rights. There will also be voter registration available.

Jennifer Griggs
Chair, Libertarian Party of Allen County jennifergriggs2006(at) 260.418.2750"


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Meeting for activism is exactly what needs to be done everywhere. Sipping lattes and debating is fun, but doesn't get much accomplished.