Thursday, February 08, 2007

Today's Taping of Lawmaker's Show on WFYI-TV

Today, I participated in the debate segment of Jon Schwantes' Lawmaker's Show on WFYI-TV in Indianapolis. Schwantes was the moderator and the "debaters" were Fred Glass, who is heading up the organizing committee seeking the 2011 Super Bowl, State Senator Luke Kenley and myself. The topic was the 2011 Super Bowl and my role was as a critic of the use of taxpayer dollars for it. I was introduced as a local attorney and Libertarian State Chairman, as well as a critic of the NFL and Colts getting taxpayer money.

Obviously, I was not taking the popular position, but I remained consistent to my beliefs that government's role in such a venture is as a leader and with the use of the "bully pulpit", but not as a funder of it with tax dollars.

It will run this Saturday night at 11 p.m and this Sunday at 1 p.m. It is on PBS station WFYI channel 20. You can view it after it airs on the WFYI website.

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Rex Bell said...

Your position may not be the "most popular", but if you pay attention to the blogs, forums and 'man on the street' discussions around here, it is gaining support and popularity.

A lot of people believe that the government funding of pro sports is wrong, but like the citizens watching the Emperor marching by in his "new clothes", they just need someone to take the lead and take a stand.

Someone like Mark Rutherford and the LPIN perhaps.