Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Murderers, Rapists and Child Molesters Rejoice - Gambling House in Industrial Park is Raided

Read more about this in the Indianapolis Star article titled "Four charged with running poker club".

What a waste of resources when there is clearly not enough resources being placed into the investigation of violent crime in Indianapolis. Murderers, rapists and child molesters must be happy about this poor choice of use of resources. It certainly increases their chances they won't be caught.

Are the voters going to punish Indianapolis' current elected policymakers this November for this? I hope so.


Mike Kole said...

It was refreshing (for once) to read the comments following the Star article. Seems the public understands how this represents a misplaced sense of priorities by Indy's Mayor and law enforcement officials.

kevin f said...

One question I want to know the answer to that I have never heard discussed, is how many of the over 140 murders last year were solved? How many armed robberys? Rapes? Auto thefts? It's ashame the police department and Mayor aren't out there using these numbers to boost public confidence instead of some of the lame gimmicks that they are using. Of course maybe they are avoiding these answers for a reason.