Sunday, May 06, 2007

How Do You Destroy the Rule of Law? - First, Get Rid of all the Lawyers

Our federal government over the last 20 years has been targeting criminal defense lawyers and prosecuting them for make believe crimes. Here's the latest example where a confusing, probably unconstitutional provision in the ant-freedom Sarbanes-Oxley Act is being used in a way never intended to put a lawyer in jail. Read an article on this titled "Under suspicion, attorney Russell stands his ground".

My prediction - the way things are going, the federal government will be the primary prosecutor in this nation within the next 20 years, with more prosecutors than the state courts. They will be enforcing laws Congress passed in ways no one ever contemplated. We all be considered criminals just waiting to be caught.

Currently, I recommend to business owners to be very careful about getting involved in heavily regulated areas. The laws are unclear - unless a federal prosecutor gets involved - and then he/she claims they are clear.

It is now a crime to own or run a business in the United States and the proof is the voluminous laws and regulations that no one understands, but to which Congress attaches criminal liability.

My first exhibit to prove the last statements - the IRS Code and Regulations - they are too confusing and too complex and no one understands them - but people are going to jail for violating them everyday - and in many of those cases the people had no idea they were violating them.

1984 is beginning to look like Paradise.

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