Tuesday, June 05, 2007

2007 Light of Liberty Award Winner Mike Kole of Fishers

(left) LPIN Vice Chair Rebecca Sink-Burris prepares to present the 2007 Light of Liberty Award to Mike Kole on May 19th at the LPIN annual convention; (below right) Mike Kole speaking before the delegates after being presented with the 2007 Light of Liberty Award. Mike was the 2006 Libertarian candidate for Indiana Secretary of State. (Pictures taken by Bob Kirkpatrick of Indianapolis)


Mike Kole said...

I was never so honored by an organization or satisfied with an award as when I received the Light of Liberty Award.

My campaign wasn't exactly loaded with red meat for the Libertarian faithful, and I know some were less than excited with what I was doing. So, for the convention to issue this award to me was very gratifying in that I felt it was a message that the work was highly valued. And when you do your very best and come away with less than 4%, it makes it all worthwhile to know that the effort was so appreciated.

I give many thanks to those at the convention who saw fit to cast their vote for me for this award!

Endiana.com said...

Congratuations, Mike. You deserve it.

Some voiced their disapproval of my State Senate campaign -- appealing to Republicans seemed to be the sore spot.

That's the heat that comes with the kitchen.

Keep cookin'.