Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Libertarians At Horning Tax Rally

I just got off the telephone with Tim Maguire, Libertarian candidate for Indianapolis City-Council At-Large. He was at the rally.

Other Libertarians he saw there were Kurt St. Angelo and Travis Cross. St. Angelo is the top volunteer on Communications for the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Cross is the 7th District Representative on the LPIN Central Committee. Cross spoke at the rally about the Libertarian Party.

I also saw Libertarian Melyssa Donaghy in one of the pictures on Advance Indiana. Melyssa is a Meridian-Kessler resident. I know she spent Sunday going door-to-door in Butler-Tarkington drumming up interest for this rally. Good job Melyssa.


Andrew Horning said...

Melyssa has done a LOT more than even going door-to-door for a whole day! She's been the real organizer...

warning the wise said...

If you like picures of Melyssa there are lots more of them here: