Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On Aaron Russo's Passing

I learned of Aaron Russo's death Friday night. By happenstance, I was with several Libertarians, including a husband and wife who were very good friends with Russo and his family.

When I first saw the husband, he looked at me with a shocked expression and said words to the effect of "I just learned about an hour ago Aaron died".

Although they knew he was fighting cancer, and it was not going all that well for him, it still was a shock to them nonetheless. I was with this couple all weekend, and as the weekend progressed, their sadness over losing a good friend visibly deepened.

Two comments - Russo was a part of the Libertarian family, helping to advance the Libertarian movement in ways that will be seen for years to come.

Second, the immense sadness and loss felt by this husband and wife speaks volumes about Aaron Russo. There isn't anything more meaningful or a more appropriate epitaph I can give to honor him.

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